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Life can get difficult and it can certainly take a toll on our mental health. You shouldn't have to face your problems alone. Let's face them together as companions.

What do we offer?

To facilitate positive changes and empower clients who seek support is the essence of what we do. 


You will receive a customised treatment and guidance based on your circumstances, values, and objectives. You may wish to address any topic, broad or focused - whether it is an issue that needs to be dealt with, a goal you are working towards, or you just need someone by your side.


At Mission On we put our clients first and only use psychological interventions that are empirically supported and evidence-based.

coping with difficult emotions

depressed mood



guilt / self-blame

relationship issues


This is the safe space where you can be your absolute self. We’ll explore your issues comprehensively with full confidentiality.
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 ‘Thank you for helping me understand what self-love is.' 

Words from our clients

 ‘Thank you so much for all the time throughout the whole treatment. Even I didn't think that I could step out of that dark period too. Thank you so much. If there is a chance I will come and visit you again.’
 ‘Ever since our last session that I talked to you, I became so much better, like much better. Now my life is so fun.'
 ‘Before this, I wasn't confident in myself. Now I feel very proud of my own ability. I begin to see encouragements around me and I will continue to keep trying.'
 ‘Thank you very much. I didn't think that one day I would be able to get rid of my fear like this.'
 ‘Now I understand myself much better. I also understand a lot more about what happiness is for me. Thank you.'
 ‘Thank you. Laughter, smile, and cheerfulness have now returned to me. ' 
 ‘I never thought that counselling could help me this much in creating a harmonious life.' 
 ‘Thank you so much for helping me build the courage to make it happen.' 
 ‘Thank you for always helping me.' 
 ‘Because of your words, I dared to open up to my past. Thank you for enabling me to restart my life again.' 
 ‘I'm so glad that counseling has been a part of my life. It has made a huge impact in my life.'
 ‘Thank you for helping get past the lowest point of my life. The thought of wanting to die now completely vanished from my mind. Thank you. ' 
 ‘I have a lot more confidence in myself, Thank you.'
 ‘I'm so glad I was able to regain my senses. I just have to thank you soo much.' 
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